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NYPD Interviews

Gary and Anne 2013
Digital video installation duration 11:09
Jaysen 2012
Digital video installation duration 17:10
Vic and Jo 2013
Digital video installation duration 21:13
Stephen and Gail 2013
Digital video installation duration 19:58

About the work

During the School of Visual Art’s PhotoGlobal residency programme I was awarded in 2012/13 I worked with a number of New York City police officers.

These four video portraits are an example of the footage I captured after the long conversations I had with the officers in and around New York City and Brooklyn.

I was fortunate to work in independent study with Richard Pepperman at the SVA film school who met with me weekly teaching me how to engage further with and develop the project.

This work was made as a way of exploring the dynamic between myself, the sitter, the camera and the viewer. Doing so I have set up a triangle where I have sat away from the camera creating a sense that the viewer is privy to our conversation.

Exhibitions and exposure

Installation view at the School of Visual Arts New York City Alumni Gallery 2014


Alex Dodd, NYPD Cues