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My name is Monique and I am an artist.

I provide mentorship for young artists with the primary motive to inspire self-confidence and promote creative thought. 

I also have a creative holding space CANISTER which supports creative development for adult practicing artists. 

I believe that creativity is a necessity, and these Doodles sessions are designed to assist in creative thinking and lateral problem-solving.

Observational skills, developing mindfulness, and helping to ground and be aware of one’s environment are all positive benefits of working in a creative environment.

Texture and graphic mark making

Class outing to Iziko National Gallery

Scale and colour

Eye hand co-ordination and confidence

Exploring mediums

Portrait of us working online


Still life and fearless ink drawings

Being bold

Behind the scenes during an online session

Colour, tone and form

Outing to the park and making a storyboard out of the journey

Self portrait and collage

Outings to street art festival

Play making storm trooper gear

Printing our drawings on merchandise


I provide a space (both online and/ OR in person) for mind and body exercise. 

My method supports the individual artist’s instincts, rather than limiting their creative impulses by pushing general principles and being instructional.

We work with:

  • Play.
  • Experimentation is encouraged.
  • Left brain/ right brain flexibility.
  • Developing observation skills and coordination. 
  • My classes are project-orientated.

Skills that follow are:

  • Self-confidence
  • Drawing, painting
  • Storytelling
  • Eye-hand coordination
  • Self-driven creative expression

In the words of Mark Rothko: 

“Art-making is a universal form of expression—transforming one’s emotions into visual experiences that everyone can understand.  

Expressiveness is fragile. When art teachers assign projects with strict parameters or emphasize technical perfection, this natural creativity can quickly turn to conformity. Great art teachers can help students become more self-aware, empathetic, and collaborative—and this generates better citizens in the long run. cultivating in his students a deep appreciation for artistic expression.”

The body

Continuous line drawing

Blind self-portrait

Positive and negative space

Online Mentoring Sessions

Young artist Thomas responding to our outing to Whatiftheworld Gallery.

We use a research process and open up to new techniques.

We work step-by-step together on how to make an idea come to life.

Thomas, who is an energy bunny, had amazing focus and completed this task in his 45-minute online session.


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Doodles is the drawing and creative foundation component for any developing artist.