Monique Pelser

conversations with my father: part 2

Bullets 2011
Soldiers 2013

about the work

Conversations with my Father is a body of work in four parts looking at patriarchy by using the Father figure as a metaphor for society. Part 2 is a series of found objects which belonged to both my grandfather and my father who’s careers in the South African Police Force spanned, from the 1930’s to the 1980s, across the militarised era of apartheid. My father continued to work in security for the Johannesburg City Council until 2009.

exhibitions and exposure

Part 2 was on show at the Goodman Gallery Project Space at a group show called Basic Reality curated by Katrin Lewinsky at Arts-On-Main in Johannesburg 2011, as well as on a show Témoin at the Bamako Biennale in Mali 2011.

Bullets 2011
Holsters 2011
Household Belongings 2011
Personal Belongings 2011
Photographs 2011
Stars 2011